Classic Quebec City


No visit to Quebec City would be complete without a stop at the Chataeu Frontenac, the iconic landmark hotel located in the walled upper town, perched on the edge of the bluff with a commanding view over the lower town and the St. Lawrence River.  The hotel was built in 1893 by the Canadian Pacific Railroad.  The tower was added in 1924, bringing the number of rooms to over 600.  This view is from the Dufferin Terrace, a great place to take a stroll.   We had to get up early to get this shot without a lot of people!


Next we visited Montmorency Falls.  The falls are in a less than pristine natural state, to put it nicely, due to residual structures from a previous hydroelectric station and also for tourism access.  The falls are fairly impressive nonetheless, with a height of 272 feet (99 feet higher than Niagra falls).  This view is from the top looking back towards the St. Lawrence River.  The pedestrian bridge spans the river at this point.  The extremely ambitious can climb the approximately 430 steps from the base of the falls to the top.  For the rest of us, thankfully, a cable car is available to whisk you to the top in no time.  The Manoir Montmorency is a historic building on the upper section with a terrace restaurant, a lovely spot for lunch.


Then it was back to the city for a last walk about.  We walked on and along the old walls between Rue St. Louis and Rue St. Jean, taking in the panoramic views.  We continued on to explore the surrounding neighborhood outside the walls (the “new” city) along Rue St. Jean.  Among the highlights were Maison Jean-Alfred Moison, the oldest grocery store in North America, and Choco-Musee Erico which is a chocolate shop with an attached museum. The museum is tiny but entry is free; our favorite item was the life-size ensemble you see here, made completely out of chocolate.


Our last stop was at the swanky 1608 bar at the Chataeu Frontenac for a cocktail and that fabulous view across the St. Lawrence.

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