Fitz and Follwell Company

Tours Taken:  Flavors of the Main, Segment 2 (walking) and Montreal Highlights (cycling)

Overall:  This company runs day tours in the city of Montreal.  The “office” is a bicycle shop, with plenty of eccentric charm and slight disorganization.  The tour guides were excellent, each with an impressive depth of knowledge of history and current situation of the city.

Activities:  Flavors of the Main takes you on a walking tour of the historic immigrant communities of Montreal, predominately along the Avenue St-Laurent which is the de facto main street of the city, eating your way through the cultural delights.  Come hungry and don’t even bother to count the calories and fat grams.

Montreal Highlights covers large swaths of the city, from McGill University to the Lachine Canal and St. Lawrence River waterfronts.  Most riding is on bike paths, but there are sections on streets with traffic.

Caveats:   Dress appropriately for the weather and wear comfortable shoes and clothing.  The bicycles used are city bikes with 3 or 8 speeds, perfect for us for this application.  For more adventurous or advanced riders who want to explore on their own, you would probably be better off seeking a different shop with true hybrid or road bikes.

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