Luzern, Switzerland

After a look at Zurich from the air as we landed, we hopped a train to Luzern.  The city of Luzern is bisected into new and old sections by the Ruess River.  The Chapel Bridge was rebuilt after being destroyed by fire in the 1990’s, but the stone water tower is original and dates back to the 1300’s when the section below the water line served as a dungeon, accessed only by a hole in the floor.


Lake Luzern is perfect for a boat tour, with gorgeous scenery everywhere you look….


The lion monument is an iconic and popular stop for tourists.  20 feet tall and over 30 feet wide, this impressive monument is carved into the face of a cliff.  The sad, dying lion memorializes the Swiss mercenaries killed while defending the French king Louis XVI.  What is not well known is that the sculptor, unhappy with the terms of his payment, decided to have the last laugh and carved the surrounding stone into the shape of a wild boar or pig.  Can you see it?


We then headed to the Berner Oberland for some alpine sight seeing.  The weather is not cooperating, as you can see by the clouds obscuring the Eiger, Monk, and Jungfrau peaks.


We may change plans and explore Bern tomorrow.  Stay tuned….

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