Rain, rain, go away!

We have arrived in the Berner Oberland, but the weather is not cooperating for mountain activities.  So, we made the best of the situation.  First, we took the train to Bern to explore the capital city of Switzerland.   Bern feels smaller than its population of approximately 350,000 in the metro area.  The old town is a world heritage site due to the intact blocks of buildings.  The covered arcades go on for miles, with shopping (or protection from the rain) appreciated by all.


Sections of the old city walls remain, including the famous clock tower, with its hourly show of mechanized movements still functional since its installation in 1530.  So the Swiss reputation for reliable timepieces may be correct after all!


What better way to spend a rainy day than in a great museum?  Albert Einstein made a great leap of scientific inspiration on his many theories including the convertibility of energy and matter, and also his theory of relativity, while working as a patent office clerk in Bern in 1905.  Occupying an entire floor of the Bern Historical Museum, the Einsthen exhibit covers not just the science, but also his life and times.  This is an outstanding and highly recommended stop.

Back in the alps, the mountain peaks are still obscured by clouds and rain.


We took an easy flat walk in the Lauterbrunnen valley, with shear cliffs and 72 waterfalls.  One benefit of rainy weather, the falls are at high volume.


One unique waterfall is the Trummelbach Falls, which have eroded the rock to the point where the water flow is deep within the mountain itself.  Draining the Eiger, Monch, and Jungfrau mountains, the flow is impressive.  Between the mist from the falls and the dripping water from the rain (note the of water falling in elongated streaks on this photo), we got plenty wet!


The cows didn’t seem to mind the rain….image.jpeg

A bit restless and still waiting for clear skies, we took the train to Interlaken and boarded a passenger ferryboat for a cruise on Lake Brienz.  As you can see, with light drizzle, temperatures in the low 50’s, and no sunshine, the outdoor seating is not in high demand.  We enjoyed views of the lake from inside the cabin.


The weather forecast is for clearing skies and sun coming soon.  We can’t wait, and have some great day trips planned.  Looking forward to posting some pictures with blue sky on our next installment!




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