Trans-Atlantic Cruising

Here we are in the middle of the Atlantic Ocean, half way through a 7 day crossing from the Canary Islands to Fort Lauderdale.  Our ship is the Celebrity Equinox, longer than 3 football fields, with a passenger capacity of 3000 and a crew of 1000.  Modern stability systems have delivered a smooth ride so far.

The captain announced that the ocean depth is a little over 14,000 feet, so no worries about running aground.  The view out the cabin balcony is the same every day, except for the changing weather.



We have seen only one other ship – a cargo vessel –  so far.  No birds.  No land.  Life at sea is directed inboard.  The pool deck is popular on sunny days….


The dining venues are popular every day.  In between, there is a great workout room to burn off those extra calories, and a long list of activities to keep oneself busy.  And of course, there is plenty of time to sit down an read a few good books.  The ship has a nice library….


So what exactly is the story behind this unusual itinerary?  The cruise companies move many of their ships twice a year – in the autumn to Florida and the Caribbean at the conclusion of their summer routes in Europe, and in the reverse direction in the spring.  Such “repositioning” creates a unique opportunity for guests to experience an extended cruise for a good price, and also keeps the ship’s staff fully employed.

The first half of our cruise stopped at a few ports (see previous posts), and the second half is all ocean.  So far, the seas have been calm and the days have gone by quickly.  Traveling east to west through multiple time zones, we have gradually set our clocks back an hour every day or two.  So, no jet lag when we get home, and also with that extra hour’s sleep we have been awake to see the sunrise while sipping coffee on the aft deck….


Not too bad of a way to start the day!   Before we know it, this adventure will be over and it will be time to start planning the next one.

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