Our own Indy 500

The two happy travelers left behind great memories of cycling in southern Ohio, and we continued driving across the Midwest, stopping in Indianapolis.  What’s up with the title of this post?  Well, it’s not about the famous automobile race, but references the approximate number of minutes we had available on this whirlwind visit to check out this city before getting a good night’s sleep and moving on to our next destination.

We were pleasantly surprized by the visitor-friendly layout of downtown Indianapolis.  Wide sidewalks, enclosed elevated skywalks, and a compact walkable core made for a fun afternoon and evening.  We hopped on the bikes for a cruise around the cultural loop, a dedicated walking and cycling route that winds through downtown.   We checked out the central canal neighborhood, with museums…


A few restaurants, and residential housing lining the waterway.


Speaking of museums, we rode our bikes along the White River Wapahani Trail out to the acclaimed Indiana Museum of Art.  Along the way, we encountered new pedestrian bridges for the greenway…


as well as classic architectural gems dating from early in the last century.


While at the museum, we toured the lovely outdoor gardens as well as the indoor collections, which are comprehensive.  Probably the most famous piece is this 12 foot tall sculpture by Robert Indiana.  It’s iconic design has been reproduced innumerable times in many formats.  Odds are that you have encountered it somewhere.  Originally located outside, the 3 ton steel structure was deteriorating from the weather and therefore underwent a restoration and a move indoors.


After sampling from a plethora of restaurant choices for dinner, we called it a night.  The next morning brought rain and wind, but we were scheduled to have a travel day anyway.


On the highway to Illinois, the sky was very ominous.  We felt like storm chasers, minus the bravado and with much added anxiety.


Will the two happy travelers be pummeled with rain? Or hail?  Will a twister appear and sweep them away?  Will they even survive this mega-storm?  Tune in next week to find out!




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