Cape Town and the Cape of Good Hope

Greetings from South Africa!  Our 11.5 hour flight from Amsterdam to Cape Town took us over the Sahara Desert in the daytime, allowing us to see that in addition to sand, there are many rocky outcroppings in this region.  It was tough to get a good picture out of the window, so check out this image from the plane’s video screen..


The Cullinen Hotel in Cape Town was the perfect place to recover from the flights.  We certainly needed to stretch and move about.  It is winter here in the Southern Hemisphere, and therefore not swimming weather.  However, this looked like a nice spot to sit on a sunny afternoon or under a patio heater at night.


The Victoria and Albert Waterfront is the centerpiece of Cape Town harbor.  Restaurants and shops line the wharf; in fact, there is a whole shopping mall if that is your thing.   In this picture you can see famous Table Mountain in the background, with a top almost as flat as a table.


After some exploring and a few great meals, it was time to get out of the city.   We had a driver take us down the Cape Peninsula.  The road hugs the shoreline, with view after view.  Unfortunately, the weather was cloudy, dimming the usually bright greens and blues of the water.


There are sandy beaches, but the water temperature remains cold year-round, so there is not much swimming.  Oh, and the fact that the waters are prime habitat for great white sharks might also dissuade you if your mind was still not convinced!   This beach was near the Cape of Good Hope.  We hiked a path high on the cliff, but did not go down to the water.


Well, we need to clarify a statement we made above.  There actually was some swimming going on.  Just not the human kind.  These African penguins didn’t seem to mind the water temperature, and stayed close to shore for safety.  So cute!



We hope that leaves you smiling.  It certainly did for us.  For the next phase of our adventure, we head over to the winelands of South Africa.  It’s a tough job, but somebody’s got to do it!  See you next week.

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