Best Autumn Cycling Trips in the Southeast

There are many great locations to get out and cycle through the autumn foliage.  One that we really like is close to home.  We were recently in Raleigh, North Carolina on a quick weekend getaway.  We brought our bikes and explored a small section of the Capital Area Greenway system, which consists of 112 miles of linear parks and paths in the area.

At the eastern edge of Raleigh is the the Neuse River Trail.


This 27.5 mile paved path extends from the Falls Lake dam in the north to the Wake-Johnson county line in the south.  Beyond this, the path continues for an additional 4 miles as the Clayton River Walk on the Neuse.  Both of these segments are part of the Mountains-to-Sea Trail, which for most of its length is a non-paved hiking and backpacking route.

On these paved greenways, there are almost no road crossings, stop signs, etc.   The topography is generally flat along the river, but there are some gently rolling hills and a few inclines, especially on the segments that leave the river, and this trail is best done with a multi-speed bicycle.


The foliage was beautiful.  Also, at one end of the trail is the tranquil Falls Lake, which we are looking at here from the top of the dam.  We didn’t do any more than look, since it was a bit chilly!


All in all, a very nice day out on the bikes.  We love those blue skies above and crunchy leaves under the tires!


Raleigh has a lot more to offer, including many points of interest around town which are conveniently connected by greenway trails; we will explore more of these next time.  If you’re going, check out the on-line resources at the links above.  Happy cycling!



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