Myanmar: Mandalay and the Irrawaddy River

Mandalay is the second-largest city  in Myanmar with a population of approximately 1.2 million.  It was the last royal capital and is considered the center of Burmese culture.  The former royal palace complex occupies a prominent place in the city center, with a square footprint measuring a mind-boggling two miles on each side.  The complex is complete with … More Myanmar: Mandalay and the Irrawaddy River

Bagan, Myanmar

If you haven’t read our first post on Myanmar, check out the map here to get oriented.  As we flew into Bagan, we got a glimpse of why this is the largest temple city in the world.  Over 2,200 pagodas are scattered across the plain.  The sheer number is overwhelming to contemplate. Built between the 11th … More Bagan, Myanmar

Myanmar (Burma)

After taking some time off from traveling over the holidays, we just returned from a trip to Southeast Asia.  Although the pacing of that trip was such that we did not post during our travels, we have many stories to share.  Come along with us over the next few weeks as we sort through our … More Myanmar (Burma)