Road Scholar: Quebec City

Tour taken:  Velo Quebec

Overall:   Like most Road Scholar programs, the actual tour is run by a subcontractor.  In this case, the subcontractor was SN Tourisme Culturel.  This was a very well-run trip with an excellent tour director.  The design of the trip allowed for a good balance of group time with flexible time to explore on your own.

Activities:  The bicycling was done as one single group each day, although the individual participants could choose their own pace; one leader rode in front and the second leader rode in back to make sure no one was left behind.  Bicycle or athletic attire was appropriate for the cycling days.

Accommodations and meals:  The group hotel was well-located, comfortable, and clean.  Included meals were above average with several main course choices.  Alcoholic beverages were available but not included.

Caveats:   The only negative with this company is that they do not guarantee departures.  In other words, if there are not enough people signed up for a trip, the company will cancel that trip 8-10 weeks prior to scheduled departure.   They will reimburse you for the penalty charge to change your flights, but that’s it; you are left to scramble to make your own alternate plans or just stay home.